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Have you noticed your eyes aren’t quite performing as well as you would like? Are they feeling more tired and uncomfortable by the end of the day? Are you struggling more with things that used to be easy?

If you're not happy with how your eyes feel, you're not alone. And you're right to be concerned about keeping your eyes sharp and healthy as you age. Especially key parts of your eyes—like your macula and retina.

The macula, located near the center of the retina in the back of your eye, is the part that allows for sharp, clear, central vision, and the ability to perceive colors. It is what gives us the crisp details...the ability to read, watch TV, drive a car, or distinguish faces. That's why macular health is so, so important.

It's so important, in fact, that your eyes even have a built-in shield for safeguarding macular health.

It's true. 

Let's face it, our eyes are dealing with more challenges than ever before. To start, it’s no secret that we’re spending an excessive amount of time in front of our screens. Digital overload is real and getting worse. According to a recent report, in 2020 Americans spent an average of seven hours and 50 minutes per day consuming digital media that emanates harmful blue light. More than three hours of that time was on smartphones.

The hard truth is that harmful blue light is just about everywhere these days—from electronic screens to LED lightbulbs. The result, according to eye care providers, is an influx of eye conditions like dry, itchy and fatigued eyes—and even increased aches, neck strain, and shoulder discomfort. Your eyes need protection and nourishment, and they need it now, more than ever, which means priming your MPOD—that built-in macular shield—with the right nutrients. 

So, what's your plan?

You might be doing your best to eat right and stay active, to wear sunglasses, to take breaks from your digital devices, and to get yearly eye exams. But there’s one thing that you probably aren’t doing, as it’s nearly impossible unless you know exactly where to turn: You’re not providing your eyes with the specific clinical strength nourishment and protection they need to safeguard and shield them from environmental stress. Without these important ingredients, your eyes are more susceptible than you might realize. And it’s taking a toll on our eyes and raising stress levels.

FINALLY, some (really!) good news…

Vision Essentials® ULTRA addresses virtually all of these issues with just ONE vegetarian capsule a day. This exceptional formula provides comprehensive, clinically validated ingredients for macular and retinal support, a real solution for the negative effects of blue light exposure, plus significant help for dry eyes, ocular pressure, and cognitive health.

Vision Essentials Ultra

I'm sold on Vision Essentials Ultra

“I am a big fan of Vision Essentials Gold but now I'm sold on Vision Essentials ULTRA...with just ONE pill, plus MORE benefits, you can't go wrong!”

—Kenny C.

ONE Pill. ONE Eye Health Solution.

NEW Vision Essentials ULTRA

ONE Pill. ONE Eye Health Solution.

Modern life is taking a toll on our eyes…support them and you’ll be amazed to see what ELSE improves!

Vision Essentials ULTRA tackles the often accompanying burdens of stress, occasional achy head, sore neck, sleep and mood issues caused by digital device overload. Now, there’s a single daily pill that soothes and shields your eyes through today’s modern eye aggravations and helps you feel sharper, more comfortable, and more in control.

Vision Essentials Ultra
Increased support for macular and retinal health

Continue to do and enjoy the things you love with healthy eyes!

Enhanced visual function in bright light conditions

Easier to enjoy the outdoors or other brightly lit places

Relief from eye fatigue and eye dryness

Stop rubbing those eyes!

A shield against the harmful effects of excessive screen time, like eye fatigue, neck/shoulder stiffness, and achy head

Enjoy your creative and work time in front of the computer or phone

Healthy eye response to the visual stimuli of all things beautiful in your environment

Feel good about all that you can see in your world

Healthy intraocular pressure

Something you and your doctor will appreciate

Doctor formulated with intensely researched ingredients

Vision Essentials ULTRA is Whitaker Nutrition’s masterwork in the field of eye and vision solutions. It is the culmination of intensive investigation into the best-of-the-best botanicals at researched levels, in their most ideally concentrated forms. We also considered feedback from folks who wanted fewer pills and more benefits from their eye supplement.

The result is a groundbreaking eye health solution with everything you need in just one easy-to-take pill a day. It includes three clinically validated superstars: Lutemax® 2020 lutein, Bilberon® Bilberry Extract, and Clear'Saff™ Saffron. The result is a potent formula—packed into a single pill—that provides clinically validated macular and retinal health support, plus relief from common complaints like fatigued eyes, stress, occasional achy head, sore neck, and sleep and mood issues that we’re all facing more and more these days.


Leafy geens like spinach are a source of lutein

A must-have nutrient for your eyes

Most vision supplements give you only a paltry amount of lutein. But Vision Essentials ULTRA does more, very literally flooding your macular shield with award-winning, clinically validated Lutemax 2020 lutein, which includes 40 mg lutein, 8 mg zeaxanthin, and 2 mg meso-zeaxanthin. This advanced carotenoid blend mimics the exact ratio of lutein and other eye-protective compounds found in nature.

Lutein is the most popular eye nutrient for good reason. It is a naturally occurring carotenoid your eyes use to help shield against blue light absorption. And protecting and nourishing your eyes from blue light means supercharging your macular pigment optical density or MPOD—your built-in macular shield. A healthy MPOD is like your body’s own sunglasses inside your eyes, and is one of the best indicators of macular health. Studies have shown lutein increases MPOD significantly.

Lutein supports the health of your retina and macula in particular, which is critical to your vision. The macula—a part of the retina—is the area that is most sensitive to blue light. It's where images are captured and then relayed to the brain. The macula is what allows for sharp, clear, vision, and the ability to perceive colors. It is what gives us the sharp, crisp details that help us to read, watch TV, drive a car, or distinguish faces. Highlights of Lutemax 2020 lutein benefits include:

  • Reduces digital eye fatigue and eyestrain
  • Supports normal macular pigment optical density (MPOD)
  • Helps your eyes recover after bright light exposure
  • Helps your eyes adapt to low-light conditions

Packs everything I need to support the health of my eyes

“I have been taking Vision Essentials Gold for years but am ecstatic about Vision Essentials ULTRA because it packs in everything I need to support the health of my eyes, and protection from the negative effects of digital devices, and I only have to take ONE pill a day!”

—Jackie M.


made with bilberries

Great for gamers and phone users

Only Vision Essentials ULTRA contains Bilberon, made with 100% genuine, high-quality bilberries native to Scandinavia that have been guaranteed by “Certificates of Origin.” What’s more, you may have done a little research and heard bilberry was good for your eye health. But this isn't your average bilberry. Compared to other bilberry products on the market, Bilberon contains twice as many anthocyanins, which are immensely beneficial to your health. Intensely studied, reputably sourced, Bilberon is exactly the right antioxidant for your eyes. In one human clinical study, adults who used computer screens, gaming systems, smartphones, or other digital devices for more than 4 hours a day took Bilberon for six weeks and saw remarkable improvements1 including:

  • Reduced eye fatigue
  • Reduced neck and shoulder stiffness
  • Decreased eye dryness
  • Decreased eye redness and itching
  • Increased eye moisture
  • Improved accommodation (ability to alternately focus from near to far objects)



Perfect for healthy eye pressure, sharper vision and less stress

Clinical studies with potent antioxidant Clear'Saff Saffron show that it supports healthy visual acuity and response to visual stimuli. In other words, your eyes stay sharp and working just the way they should when you’re looking at all the beautiful things in life. Saffron also has benefits for promoting healthy intraocular pressure, a better mood, regulating stress levels, and reducing occasional anxiousness. Additionally, preliminary research suggests that active ingredients in saffron may help with sleep and memory function.

Saffron supplementation over a 12-16 month treatment period also led to long-term, stable support for in retinal function. What does that mean? For study participants, it meant:

  • Enhanced visual acuity (sharpness)
  • Improved vision at low light
  • Participants also reported better contrast and color perception, as well as better reading ability

In another study, adults took either 30 mg of saffron (the dose in Vision Essentials Ultra) or a placebo daily. Weekly measurements were taken throughout the study, and intraocular pressure was significantly improved in the saffron group compared to the placebo group.


Wheatgrass, a source of Glutathione

Premier antioxidant!

Many researchers believe this premier antioxidant essentially controls free radicals that contribute to the aging process. Setria Glutathione supplies a powerful store of antioxidants that bind to free radicals, keeping them from wreaking havoc throughout your body.

Vision Essentials ULTRA also includes vitamins A and C, plus Zinc and Copper, nutrients that are part of the AREDS study, and are critical for vision and macular health.

Seen Great Improvement

“I am happy I tried Vision Essentials Gold. It is the best. I have seen great improvement in my vision. I will continue to use.”*

—Linda M.

Advanced eye supplement ideal for any age

We used to think that only older adults need to be concerned about eye health. The facts present a different picture: Doctors are seeing younger and younger people starting to have vision issues that used to show up only in seniors. What’s more, you can hardly go anywhere or do anything these days without the sources of blue light making their way into your field of vision. This not only negatively affects the eyes in many ways, but the body, with sore neck and shoulders, achy head, stress, poor sleep, and more. That means Vision Essentials ULTRA is for everybody, no matter what your age.

Vision Essentials ULTRA is formulated to meet stringent quality standards, with thoroughly screened raw materials, finished goods batch testing, and independent verification of purity and potency.

triple-tested Triple Tested
doctor-formulated Doctor Formulated
gluten-free Gluten Free
soy-free Soy Free
egg-free Egg Free
dairy-free Dairy Free
nut-free Nut Free
cgmp-certified cGMP Certified


Try Vision Essentials ULTRA at a Special Low Price—Risk Free!

You must see a difference… or you pay absolutely nothing. If Vision Essentials ULTRA doesn’t deliver on its promise to safeguard your macular health…bring relief to tired, strained, fatigued eyes…help you improve contrast sensitivity…or see your best report on your eyes yet from your doctor…we'll REFUND EVERY PENNY.

ONE Pill. ONE Eye Health Solution.

By Far the Best Ingredients

“I have been looking at different products for the care of my eyes, and Vision Essentials Gold has by far the best ingredients. I am serious about my eyesight and do everything I can to protect it. Thank you for making it that much easier for me with Vision Essentials Gold.”*

—Theresa T.


Remember…You have a full 90 days to try Vision Essentials ULTRA and see if it works for you. That’s the amount of time we recommend you give Vision Essentials ULTRA to really go to work in your body. You can use every last capsule in every bottle…and still get 100% of your money back. If you’re not adjusting better to glare, bright light or darkness, getting relief from digital eye fatigue or eyestrain or you’re not sleeping better…request a FULL REFUND.

Vision Essentials Ultra

Vision Essentials ULTRA is Doctor Formulated

Dr. Julian Whitaker

The Vision Essentials ULTRA formula originated with Julian Whitaker, MD, a true pioneer and legend in the medical and natural health communities. His philosophy of flooding the body with therapeutic doses of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3s, and more—not the flimsy amounts recommended by long outdated FDA guidelines—developed a loyal following of thousands of people who saw and felt positive results with their own eyes. Over 20 years ago, supplementation for the eyes simply wasn’t on the radar of most eye doctors, let alone MDs. Dr. Whitaker started a revolution in eyecare that continues to this day. Based on the same principles, plus feedback from many of his patients and our customers, Vision Essentials ULTRA is loaded with just what the doctor ordered, but not with a lot of pills! See the results for yourself, today and for years to come.

*Success stories from original Vision Essentials Gold user. We hope you’ll love Vision Essentials ULTRA even more.

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